Hello, I'm Jamie.

I create things for a living. Co-founder of Brotherhood.

My Story

Design is my passion, it has been since I first discovered Photoshop, back when custom pages on MySpace were ‘cool.’ 

Since then, I’ve led design at several startups, from all over the world, so I know what it takes to turn your great ideas into effective web and product design. 

Cool is great, but for startups, cool is as cool does—If your design doesn’t take you where you want to go in business, how cool is it, really?

You need a process, and a plan to get there, and I’ll create both.



Currently I’m plying my trade as co-founder of the studio Brotherhood, along with Fabio Basile. You can see some of my work and the projects I’ve worked on over there. 

We work with great companies all over the world and we’d love to hear from you if you have an exciting project you’re looking to complete.

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