Hey there! I'm @jamiesyke. I help startups make more money, get more customers and build better products, through design.

Most of the time I'm in London, so if you want to grab a beer, or talk about design and startups, feel free to reach out.

Currently, I'm working with the product team, at a wonderful company called MetaLab. I also founded a creative collective, called Brotherhood.

In the past, I've worked with companies including Bumble, Booking.com, YunoJuno and Samsung. And many others, all around the world. My work has been featured by sites such as Mashable, Siiimple and Net Magazine.

I surround myself with the up-and-comers, the ones who give a damn and love every second of what they do. And when I'm not attached to my MacBook, I'm usually at a networking event of some kind, playing World of Warcraft (after 3 years away, and a stint playing it professionally back in the day), or trying my hand at writing.

Wanna be internet friends? Sure. I share my design work on Dribbble, hang out on Twitter, writing on Medium and maybe one day I'll manage to be active on Instagram.

Want to grab that drink I mentioned above? Or maybe you happen to be building something great and want to talk about it. If so, I'd love you to get in touch.